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Welcome to Intelligence Perspective, where passion and enthusiasm for our tradecraft, are an integral part of our business model.  Intelligence Perspective seek to uncover the facts and the evidence. ‘Truth’ is subjective.

To clearly see and hear all things exactly for what they are – one must look and listen with a receiving attitude. Seeing and hearing then present – as close to – exactly as they are. With a receiving attitude, little remains hidden. Facts and evidence can be read and understood clearly, rather than ‘made to fit’ and connecting the dots become an effortless thing of panoramic beauty.

If an investigation starts on the wrong footing, its entire trajectory will be fraught with illusionary bias. From one recording of ‘events’ and ‘evidence’ to the other. It may end in dead ends, miscarriages of justice, vilification – and often, suffering of an invisible victim.


Here at Intelligence Perspective, our view is panoramic.


Today, our symbiotic relationship with the internet means we live, work, socialise, shop, bank, book holiday’s, read the news, manage health services, research, learn and date online. Our infrastructure is digitally dependent – water, fuel, transport, military, specialist communications and even medical surgical services rely on the internet. The implications of which highlight the profound connectivity of a vast data stream. A conduit into the personal space of every single individual with access to the internet. This provides unparalleled exploitative opportunities for individuals (including but not limited to) organised crime groups, predatory individuals, terrorists, radical individuals, stalkers, fraudsters, scammers, extremists, assassins, drugs/contraband cartels and human traffickers. Almost every conceivable crime perpetrated in the physical domain may also be perpetrated in the digital realm (including homicide). Moreover, those crimes perpetrated in the physical realm only (homicide/assault), are almost always connected in some way to the digital sphere.


Intelligence Perspective navigate, research and investigate within the digital realm


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Intelligence Perspective not only serves the corporate sector, we serve the public. Who ever they are and what ever their background
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