Welcome to Intelligence Perspective. Where passion and enthusiasm for our tradecraft are an integral part of our business model. Intelligence Perspective seeks to uncover the facts and the evidence. ‘Truth’ is subjective. We offer a unique service blending intelligence with investigations, utilising intelligence gathering to provide an informative, transparent, factual representation of our findings and deliver this information comprehensively, securely and with the utmost respect for data privacy.

Here, at Intelligence Perspective, our view is panoramic. 



Our lead analyst is an experienced researcher and open source intelligence professional – dealing with cases including (but not limited to)  fraud, back-grounding, due diligence, trace, vulnerability assessments, covert digital operations and complex digital profiling.  Moreover, they have an academic background and relevant qualifications including a Bachelor’s degree in Policing Studies, an Executive Diploma in Investigations, an A-Level in Forensic Science and a BTEC in Business Administration. Their specialist area is open-source intelligence gathering, investigations and research. Other areas of interest include criminology and linguistics. Intelligence Perspective collaborates with other experts in their field and enjoys partnership working.

Our lead investigator is a certified Open-Source Intelligence Professional.

Cert# 23.00077


Open Source Intelligence Gathering
Due Diligence
Asset Trace
Social Media Investigations
Vulnerability Assessments
Test Purchases
Bespoke Research

A word from our lead analyst

Today, we experience a symbiotic world where the physical and the digital spaces have amalgamated. How we research and investigate presents new challenges; the challenges of the information age. Every aspect of criminality that presents in the real world presents in the digital sphere in some capacity. Nevertheless, investigators have adapted their style, skillset, and techniques to navigate the digital sphere much to their advantage in thwarting crime, gathering and analysing information, developing intelligence, implementing tactical and disruptive counterintelligence, infiltrating criminal and institutional organisations heavily suspected of wrongdoing and safeguarding the vulnerable.

Despina Mooney

Intelligence Analyst | Open-Source Intelligence Professional



A diverse mindset enriches the investigative process by fostering comprehensive understanding, cultural sensitivity, innovative problem-solving, thorough data analysis, enhanced communication, and ethical compliance. This leads to more effective, impartial, and reliable investigations.


Treating individuals with respect fosters trust, making witnesses, victims, and even suspects more willing to cooperate and share information.An investigator who demonstrates respect is seen as credible and professional, which enhances the integrity of the investigation.


Transparency helps ensure that the investigation is perceived as fair and unbiased, as all parties are aware of the procedures and criteria used. Transparency also reduces suspicion and speculation, which can otherwise undermine the investigation.


Trustworthiness and credibility are the cornerstone of an investigator’s role, making integrity the most critical attribute. It ensures that investigations are conducted fairly, findings are respected, and the investigator maintains a reputation for professionalism and ethical conduct.