Our lead analyst has experience researching and dealing with cases including (but not limited to)  fraud, backgrounding, due diligence, trace, vulnerability assessments, and covert digital operations and complex digital profiling.  Moreover, they have an academic background and relevant qualifications including a Bachelor’s degree in Policing Studies, an Executive Diploma in Investigations,  an A-Level in Forensic Science and BTEC in Business Administration. Their specialist area is open-source intelligence gathering, investigations and research. Other areas of interest include criminology and linguistics. Intelligence Perspective collaborates with other experts in their field and enjoys partnership working.

Our lead investigator is a certified Open-Source Intelligence Professional.

Cert# 23.00077

Cert# 23.00077



Our Head of Operations assists with communications, research and business development. With a BA (Hons) in English Language and a Master’s in Language Technologies – they are super enthusiastic about all things language-driven.

Why work with us?

  1. We are the community we serve, and as such, a diverse community needs representatives who value diversity of culture, thought and spirituality. A community of non-judgmental, understanding, sensitive, discreet and respectful panoramic thinkers.
  2. Respect is the foundation for setting standards of excellent communication and trust.
  3. Leveling the playing field of inclusivity. No dazzling dialogue or colourful mathematics. Straight talk with set prices and no ‘additional fees’ once terms are agreed.
  4. Intelligence Perspective conducts business within a code of practice. We embody that which is expected of us by our clients – putting ourselves in their shoes. Moral,  ethical and professional values guide our processes and decision-making to effect the best possible outcome.