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Process serving refers to the legal procedure of delivering legal documents, court orders, or official notices to individuals or entities involved in a legal matter. These documents may include summonses, complaints, statutory demands or other legal notices that require a response or action from the recipient. 

  1. Legal Requirement: In the UK, individuals or entities involved in legal proceedings must be officially served with relevant legal documents to inform them of their rights, obligations, or the actions being taken against them in a court of law.

  2. Authorised Process Servers: Process serving in the UK is typically carried out by authorised process servers, who are professional individuals or firms specializing in delivering legal documents in accordance with legal requirements and regulations.

  3. Service of Process: The process serving procedure involves physically delivering the legal documents to the intended recipient, known as the “defendant” or “respondent.” This can be done by hand delivery, postal mail, or other authorised methods as prescribed by law.

  4. Proof of Service: After the legal documents have been successfully served, the process server must provide proof of service, typically in the form of an affidavit or certificate of service. This document serves as evidence that the documents were delivered to the recipient in accordance with legal requirements.

  5. Compliance with Legal Procedures: Process servers must adhere to strict legal procedures and guidelines when serving legal documents. This includes ensuring that the documents are served within the prescribed time frame, using appropriate methods of service, and maintaining accurate records of the service process.

  6. Confidentiality and Professionalism: Process servers are required to maintain confidentiality and professionalism throughout the service process. They must exercise discretion and tact when interacting with the recipient to avoid causing unnecessary distress or conflict.

  7. Importance of Proper Service: Proper service of legal documents is crucial to ensure that all parties involved in a legal matter are properly informed of their rights, responsibilities, and the actions being taken against them. Failure to serve documents correctly may result in legal complications or delays in the proceedings.

Intelligence Perspective will cover the Wirral Metropolitan area and the Liverpool area. 

Please note: 

Intelligence Perspective will not serve non-molestation orders, penal notices or process of service within a prison – at this time. 

Process Serving